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Sigerson Cranston-Vermillion and his Apprentice, Jake Willoughby. Finished, framed and ready for a good home. :)
Idyll Days, FINITO!!
Comrades!! If you folks haven’t heard of this artist, here’s one to add to your inspiration pantheon: Elisabeth Vigee-LeBrun. Honest to goodness, I’ve done nothing but gawk at her art all morning. Thanks @sketchshoppe for the kind recommendation! :)
Alastar Peat-Brogan, framed and ready for a good home. :)
Dandelion Puck
Man in magenta
Now Igor’s ready for a good home.
Igor Pickleby, Alchemist. Finito!!
Igor Pickleby, inked and now ready for Paint!! Huzzah!
Framed Phyllida Nutter, now off to a good home. :)