The Inkbottle

Where the Pen is mighty & Story is everything

So, here’s an odd little story to go along with this doodle. A friend of mine asked me to paint some props for her, she helps with the color guard at a local high school. On the first day of painting these props she told me a little story of a dream she had. I shall now only summarize the dream: she dreamt that Amanda Palmer (yes, that Amanda Palmer, of which both my friend and I are huge fans of), was living in town, on top of a small shop. There she would keep cats of all kinds, but she was still making great music, only no one in town knew of this. Granted I don’t describe as eloquently as my friend, but I instantly got this oddly adorable, if not very weird, picture of her serenading the local cats with little ditties on the ukelele. It’s a picture that I’ve had ever since my friend told me that story. I still think it’s quite a lovely image, again, if not a little odd.
Here’s a bit of an update: both Mr. Poe and Mr. Bradbury have been collected. Poe is now in the collection of a good friend, @9ah and Bradbury in the hands of fellow comrade @seanm765 I shall peruse the vast interwebs to see if any of the others have been collected, but thanks comrades for your keen eyes and thanks to @jakeparker for creating such a brilliant event! :)
Where it’s the latest and the greatest. Here’s the final clue, if you haven’t found out already. Hope you folks in Crawfordsville have some Happy Hunting! Be sure to tag me at @3dullahans with the #artdropday thanks @jakeparker !! :)
Clue No. 7 Poe’s hiding, as usual.
Clue No. 6
Clue No. 5
Clue No. 4
Clue No. 3
Clue No. 2
Clue No. 1